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SHAZ JAPAN Corp. is a world wide used cars Exporter | SHAZ JAPAN ist ein weltweiter Gebrauchtwagen-Exporteur | シャーズ ジャパン 株式会社 は 中古車の輸出 の 会社 です | We are one of the Top buyers from Japanese Auctions | SHAZ JAPAN CORPP. ist einer der Top-Käufer von japanischen Auktionen | シャーズ ジャパン 株式会社 は 日本のオークションのトップバイヤー です。 | We are also buying machinery for our customers | Wir kaufen auch Maschinen für Kundenreferenz | お客様 のため に 機械を購入しています | Fresh stock will be arriving soon! For more info please visit us at www.facebook.com/shazjapan | Frische Ware kommt bald! Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie uns unter www.facebook.com/shazjapan | すぐに新しい在庫が到着します,詳細はお問い合わせください www.facebook.com/shazjapan | Please follow us at Instagram shaz_japan_motors | Bitte folgen Sie uns auf Instagram shaz_japan_motors | インスタグラム で 従ってください shaz_japan_motors

SHIZOUKA & HIROSHIMA AUTOZ were the two different companies working locally in Japanese Auctions,
SHAZ JAPAN is a joint venture of both companies,this company was founded in April 2010 with the capital of 10 Million Yens and having buying capacity of almost 100 cars to 350 cars each month we are also having yard facilities in OSAKA,KYUSHU and NAGOYA.
The shipment of the vehicles are done with considering time calculation and the freight rates are given to customers considering all the competetors in the market.
We have also vast experience in Classic cars like Porsche,Mercedez Benz,Rollys Roice,Audi,BMW,Ferraris,Lanborginis and Bentleys.
The inspection before export is done by authorised authorities sepcially for African Countries in order to satisfy Our Customers,
Our main goal is to provide the units to the customers in low budget and fastest possible shipment schedule.

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